Wellauer Latakia from the 1990's

Wellauer Latakia from the 1990's

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Wellauer’s 1990’s era Syrian Latakia 100g tin

Here is a no longer produced Syrian Latakia leaf that is well remembered by many! This is a pure, superior quality latakia from the mountainous regions of Syria.

I have two of these available as separate listings, as one is slightly older than the other (both are from the 1990's). The label shows slight differences, one having "Wellauer's" with an apostrophe s, and the other tin having "Wellauer" with no apostrophe s. This is the newer tin with no apostrophe s, and the font has bolder type in a straight line.

Syrian Latakia has been extinct for some time, and the hoarded supplies by tobacco manufacturers is all used up. If you are looking for the real deal in its purest form, look no further. This tin can be yours for $125