L.J. Peretti - Blend D-9507

L.J. Peretti - Blend D-9507

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454g / 16oz tin from 2009. From the web:

Our most unusual English-type tobacco flavored with rich, cured Virginia, blended with fine Dubeck Turkish. You will find it mild and smooth. In a time when every tobacco is described as "unusual," we at Peretti's strive to not state the obvious. D-9507 was originally a blend that was developed for one of our customers. He wanted a tobacco that had body, some spice and an underlying sweetness. Master blender, Robert Peretti, devised a blend of natural fire-cured Cavendish, Perique, and a hint of the finest Dubeck Turkish. Unusual, yes, but deep-flavored, satisfying and luscious.

Kind of an oddball, but truly delicious. We have yet to find a similar mixture. We utilize a base of fire-cured Cavendish and blend a small amount of Perique and Dubeck Turkish. D-9507 is a smooth smoking mixture with subtle sweetness and a good measure of fine piquancy.