Drucquer & Sons Ltd XX PRESS

Drucquer & Sons Ltd XX PRESS

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226g / 8 oz tin from the 1980's.

Description of tobacco taken from the original Drucquer catalog: https://pipedia.org/images/b/b4/Drucquer_%26_Sons_Ltd.pdf

You won't find "XX Press" in this catalog, because the original name of this blend was called "The London Press" Here is the description: 

"A flake or slice tobacco processed for us in London. The finest quality Virginias are blended in leaf form and then pressed under great pressure in a steam heated hydraulic press. This causes the tobacco to ferment and "marry" into an altogether pleasing and full bodied blend possessing a natural sweetness. This tobacco is rubbed out or broken up before smoking to achieve the desired burning rate."

This is the Berkeley, California production. In my research of this blend, I discovered that Greg Pease (before he created his own tobacco brand) was involved in producing blends for Drucquer in California. There is speculation that this is blend is actually made by McClellands, and not somewhere in London. Having had the pleasure of smoking this blend, I would agree that McClelland had a hand in this. The thin jet black flakes with the characteristic McClelland vinegar smell has a similar taste to Blackwoods Flake. 

Tobacco Reviews website has ZERO reviews of this blend, so if you are a reviewer, this represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to write the first review of this impossible to find blend.