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Smooth Cherrywood CROWN GRADE
Very few pipes are awarded the Crown grade, but this pipe was an easy decision. The Crown grade is given to pipes of exceptional quality and / or characteristics. I've been working on a pipe shape just for me, a pipe that ticks all the boxes of what I personally want in a pipe. The Cherrywood shape is my favourite, and it's a shape that Larrysson pipes is well known for. The first attempt, which is the dark pipe at the bottom, was pretty close to what I wanted, so I'm going to keep it! The light pipe is the exact representation of what I wanted, except for the high grade! I only smoke in the workshop, and I'm not interested in a pipe that is going to get banged around, so I'm offering this wonderful pipe for sale. This elegant and graceful straight grain pipe is virtually spot free. It is super light weight for a smooth pipe and the mouthpiece is made for all day comfortable clenching. The hand cut cumberland saddle stem has a deep funnel slot and is a mere 3.75 mm behind the button. The stamping is crisp and a fluffy pipe cleaner will slide effortlessly through the airway.

5 3/4
1 5/8
2 1/4
13/16 tapered chamber
1 3/4
45 grams

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