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Magnum Prehistoric Egg
Size meets elegance in this monster sized pipe. Its super stacked bowl reminds me of a large reptilian egg, hence the name Prehistoric Egg. The craggy natural plateaux rim adds to the idea of a broken shell. The shank ring is whitetail deer antler from Indiana. The mouthpiece is hand cut from German cumberland rod and has a very thin bite. The red cumberland and black cherry stain is a near perfect colour match. A pipe cleaner passes easily. You will need to pick up some churchwarden length cleaners because the shank is so long. This pipe was too big to turn on a lathe, so it was drilled on a drill press. The airway is spot on perfect at the bottom and centre of the conical chamber. The pipe was entirely shaped on the sanding wheel from a square block. I think this pipe represents some of my best shaping ability without the aid of a lathe. The chamber is baby butt smooth without a single sand spot. The stamping is crisp and clear. This is a truly unique pipe and won't fail to be an impressive part of your collection!

7 inches
1 5/8
3 3/4
7/8 tapered chamber
3 1/8
114 grams

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