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NEW FINISH Aspen Tree Bark
This is my latest finish in the tree bark series, called Aspen Bark. The idea was to create a highly contrasting finish with dark grain on a light, virgin blast. There is no stain on this pipe, nor has the wood be treated to heat. It does take a bit of time, but I think it is well worth that bit of extra time invested. How I exactly do it will have to remain my little secret!

I have done double and triple branch tree bark pipes in the past, but this time I added a new feature. Out of the second, lower branch is a green leaf in bud, and a fully "grown" green leaf for the mouthpiece. All three plateaux surfaces are rough and knarly. Although the pipe is drilled as a full bent, a pipe cleaner passes easily. The bowl is very tall, making this an extra large pipe.

8 inches tip to tip
2 1/8
3 1/4
2 1/4
5 oz

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