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GIANT Old Woods Sequoia Bark
If you have ever seen a Sequoia tree, then you know how very BIG they are. I couldn't produce the new Sequoia tree bark finish without trying it out on a VERY BIG pipe! The results are smashing. The thick and deeply grooved tree bark pattern is a tactile delight. Three branches emerge from the trunk. One is for the flat "leaf" style cumberland stem, and the other two from the front of the bowl. One of these branches is starting to die off, and has lost the bark. The main trunk also has an exposed section of wood, and the bark has healed around this wound. I doubt this pipe will fit in your pipe cabinet or stand, but why would you want it too? This impressive pipe can proudly be displayed as a conversation piece on your desk!

8 1/4
2 1/4
3 1/8
7/8 tapered
2 1/4
166 grams

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