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The Serpent - UNIQUE
During the month of May, our garden becomes inundated with legless lizards called slow-worms. They are harmless slug eating lizards that are fun to hold, as they wrap around one's hand. To me, they are unique slender creatures. The slow-worms in our garden gave me the inspiration to create a one-off unique pipe that I call "The Serpent". I started looking at pictures of all kinds of snakes, and thought that the Black Adder, with it's triangular shaped head, would make the ideal model for this pipe. The plan was to make a jet black pipe, but once I blasted this spectacular piece of wood, I did not want he blast to be muted with a solid colour. To bring out the blast, I used my black cherry stain, and simply called the pipe "The Serpent."

7 1/4
2 x 2 1/2
1 1/2
13/16 tapered
1 1/4
72g / 2.5oz

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