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Fantasy Tree Trunk
My favourite part about selecting brair at the mill is finding interesting plateaux blocks. I love discovering plateaux with extra special characteristics, and then using those special features to define the pipe. This is why the majority of my pipes retain some portion of natural plateaux. The Fantasy Tree Trunk exhibits wonderfully wavey plateaux. The rim is especially curvey, and the and the shank end opens into a blossom of plateaux, with the leaf stem in the centre. Equally impressive is the grain. It fans out, twisting and changing from straight grain to flame to birdeye. The graining on the shank is my favourite, fanning out with the spread of the shank end. The bowl of the pipe slighty twists like a knarled old tree stump, bare of bark.

6 inches
2 inches
3 inches
13/16 tapered
2 1/8
122g / 4.3oz

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